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Silent Pod - Collab Space

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CAD files available for Architects. 


While open-plan spaces are increasingly common, they’re not without their problems. The primary problems we’ve encountered are noise and privacy - that’s where the Silent Pod comes in. Sometimes students need to take time out for focused work. This single pod provides them with a safe space away from distractions to complete their work to a high level. 

Our products are designed to meet your needs as simply as possible and alleviate some of the difficulties posed by open-plan offices andcoworking spaces.

There’s no need for a designer and no disruptive construction. Whatever design you pick, our solutions are easy to implement and easy to adapt. Unlike traditional solutions, our range has a low initial cost and provides a long-term asset.

MOBILE - All Silent Pods are mounted on wheels which means you can move them wherever you want to, whenever you want.

SILENT - Silent Pods are made from superior acoustic materials that help to create a comfortable, quiet working environment away from the rest of the office.

PLANET-FRIENDLY - Silent Pod’s modular design minimises environmental impact and avoids construction waste, so it’s good for your office and good for the planet.

CUSTOMISABLE - Create an office or learning space that works for your needs and vibe, no one else’s. Go for whatever makes your space function the best.

MINIMAL INSTALLATION - Forget disruptive and annoying construction noise; Silent Pods are fast and easy to install, and it’s all done for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

WARRANTY - For added peace of mind, all Silent Pods come with a three-year warranty for structural defects and a one-year warranty for electrical components – just in case.


2200W x 1200D x 2230H


Acoustic interior walls
Power outlets - Three-pin power plug outlet, as well as USB A and C ports, conveniently located just above the desk
LED light - Dimmable overhead LED light creates a soft, warm, and calming working environment
Customisable sofa options - with or without armrests, choose one of four stylish colours
Center Table
Safety glass
Lockable wheels