fbpx Classroom Key Considerations
Flexibility in the Classroom

Furniture on wheels is a great way to promote classroom flexibility, as you can change up your learning space easily as needed to suit your teaching curriculum. Another great way to add flexibility is to ensure you have a range of desk and chair heights. Kneeling, sitting, high stools or standing desks are available, and we would recommend having a range of these throughout your open learning space. Providing options in where and how a student can sit gives them a sense of freedom and ownership of their learning, and can lead to greater focus.

Collaboration Space

For collaboration spaces, campfire seating where curved sofas and desks are set up in a c shape, focusing on the teacher at the front, is a powerful and engaging setup that sparks creativity. In addition bringing colours from nature indoors is essential in today’s urbanised world. Biophilic design (bringing the outdoors in) has been proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought and improve wellbeing. Incorporating these colours in your learning space means teachers and students alike gain headspace and therefore a place where creativity thrives.

Classroom Storage

There are two key considerations when thinking about classroom storage — student bag storage and classroom resources storage. Cubby lockers with doors or bag hook trolleys are a great tidy way to remove student’s bags from the clutter of a learning space. Tote Tray storage is an organised and effective way to store classroom resources. Having the tote tray storage units on wheels means you can reposition these.

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