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Home Corner Sofa Suite

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Covered with hard wearing vinyl, these comfy sofa sets are the perfect size for the children to relax and play on. Five natural colours will enhance any learning environment.


Seat Heights (mm)
Toddler (Size 2/250mm) or Preschool (Size 3/300mm)
Leg height
Comes with both 50mm and 100mm legs
Dimensions Single Sofa (mm)
550L x 550W x 550H
Dimensions Double Sofa (mm)
1000L x 550W x 550H
Dimensions Corner Sofa (mm)
550L x 550W x 550H
Dimensions Quarter Sofa (mm)
550L x 550W x 330H


Hard wearing, easy-clean vinyl
Four piece set
Modular design allows configuring in many layouts
Comes with two leg options to cater for preschool (300mm) and toddler (250mm) seat height options