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  • wooden book nook
  • wooden book nook
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Book Nook

NZ$2,145.00SKU: 14651
Cushion Colour
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  Customisable back prints available


Grab your favourite story books and climb into a plywood book nook. Kids will enjoy escaping into a special reading space and enjoy looking through their favourite books - all by themselves, or there's just enough room to bring along their favourite storyteller! All made from sturdy 18mm European birch plywood for readers of all ages. Pick your favourite colour from the inclusive, comfortable easy-clean heavy-duty vinyl squab cushion. They are delivered professionally made. Just wheel it into place.

Please note: Seagrass baskets sold separately. Square cushions not included.

NZ made


Timber Type
18mm European birch plywood
Environmental UV
1200L x 600W x 1200H


High quality castor wheels - 2 with brakes
Natural timber - 18mm European birch plywood
Comfortable and Hard Wearing - Heavy duty vinyl cushion
  • wooden book nook
  • wooden book nook