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Outdorable Beaverlodge Climber Range

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Each wooden Outdorable® BEAVERLODGE outdoor play climber utilises our ultra-special weatherproof timber. Completely durable in all weather conditions and guaranteed to last outdoors for over 25 Years! It sounds too good to be true!? Learn more

We all know how intelligent the beaver is - as it creates its lodge with mud, sticks and logs dragged out of the forest nearby. Storing food for the winter in their underwater storehouse, moulding tunnels and exits to protect them from intruders and allow them to access their food supply submerged in the water they have dammed purposefully. What a family of beavers can produce and effect is beyond our comprehension. Much the same with children when you let them freely explore on our BEAVERLODGE play set, with endless ways to arrange the versatile trapezoidal shaped climbers, allowing an entirely flexible learning experience.

Made from solid FSC sustainable timber, this structure is 100% environmentally friendly and holds multiple ECO labels. At last, you can enjoy the beauty of natural wood furniture that lasts outdoors.

Encouraging children’s physical and mental development. It is important we promote environments for a child’s physical development through appropriate physical activity. The unlimited flexibility of the outdorable™ BEAVERLODGE outdoor adventure play set will help in many of these areas, as they explore on each new configuration. Encourages and stimulates Imaginative play, Gross motor skills using upper and lower body strength, hand-eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

There are 100's of ways to configure these original shapes into different modes, creating challenging and flexible learning for your children. Watch them make boats and set sail into the ocean, or hide out in their very own fort to keep safe away from the advancing enemies.


  • for any planks and climbers used over 600mm High, they must be used only on sufficient soft fall (playground surfacing) that complies to AS/NZ 4422 for at least 1500mm from the structure at any given point. Learn more
  • ‘Anti Topple’ Prevention – 860mmH Climber: There MUST be at least one attachment ie: climbing wall or monkey bars attached to the 860mm climber whenever you use the climber on its own in the upright position as an ‘anti-topple’ prevention. Alternatively, you can lay the climber down. A locking device is available should you wish to lock 2 climbers together in a hexagon. 


Timber type
Natural acetylated solid pine - weather proof - doesn’t warp or swell
Stainless steel
Dimensions and weight 860H Climber
1200mmL x 600mmW x 860mmH | 32kg
Dimensions and weight 600H Climber
1200mmL x 600mmW x 600mmH | 26kg
Dimensions and weight 300H Climber
1200mmL x 600mmW x 300mmH | 19kg
Dimensions and weight 150H Climber
1200mmL x 600mmW x 150mmH | 15kg
No assembly required..comes ready to go!


Outdorable Beaverlodge Adventure Climbers are a Registered Design of Outdorable®
Solid Timber Construction
FSC Certified Timber
100% Environmentally safe
Completely non-toxic
Enhances children’s physical and mental development
moveable for flexible learning environments
Weatherproof timber suitable for all weather conditions
Timber guaranteed outdoors 25+ years
Smooth edges
unlimited configurations
Arrives fully assembled
Complies with safety standard AS 4685:2014
No maintenance coatings required
Safety User Guide and Certification