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Outdorable Loose Parts Ball Run Package - 235 pcs

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Our 235 piece loose parts ball run package has over 50 meters of configurable ball run, potentially bringing you the longest ball run in your town! This package brings you the best range of configurable loose parts for children to play with. This giant ball run set provides all you need for hours of loose parts fun outdoors. Watch the children's imagination go wild as they figure out different ways to run the balls all over the playground. Use the slots in the wooden towers, along with buckets, sandbags, and connector planks along with whatever else they can gather up from your collection of loose parts. 

Purposely designed storage bins on wheels for tidy organised storage of all your loose parts. Our bins have multiple holes and slots for added play experience like rope weaving, posting shapes etc. Never again will you close the shed door in dismay as each and every part has its own place. All easy to move to the playground or designated loose parts play zone.

Our natural hemp rope is easy on little hands. The hessian sacks are great for storing extra loose parts collected and having good ole fashioned sack races. Connector planks are great for budding builders as they make forts and cubbies. The teeter boards provide lots of balancing fun with friends, or even a bridge across the shark-ridden seas! Galvanised buckets are great for storage of smaller loose parts as well as a perfect catchment for ball run finishing. 

When children interact with loose parts, they enter a whole new realm of probability, a world where anything is possible and an environment of positive creative thinking, problem-solving and theoretical reasoning.

Loose parts enhance children's physical and cognitive development and give them the ability to see solutions and feel a sense of adventure and excitement to their play.

In today’s world, getting outdoors has never been so important. Outdorable welcomes you out to play.

Need storage? Ask us about our loose parts storage shed range. 



5 x Storage Bin on Wheels
760mmL x 760mmW x 700mmH - Marine Ply
4 x Stacking Tower
700mmL x 700mmW x 1200mmH - Marine Ply
10 x Maize bags
340mmL x 280mmW
20 x Ball Run Planks 0.5mt
500mmL x 85mmW x 40mmH - Solid NZ Pine
35 x Ball run planks 1.2mt
1200mmL x 85mmW x 40mmH - Solid NZ Pine
8 x Ropes
12mm x 5 mts - Hemp
5 x Buckets
Galvanised 10L
34 x Sacks
830mmL x 340mmW - Hessian
15 x Balls
3 x Teeter Boards
900mmL x 300mmW - Birch ply
96 x Connector Planks
800mmL x 90mmW
No assembly required..comes ready to go!


Marine Grade Plywood - Boxes and Towers
FSC Certified Solid Pine- Ball run and Connector planks
Designed to be stored away after use - not intended for extended use in and around moisture
Safe non-toxic Bio oil finish
Arrives fully assembled ready to play
Enhances children’s physical and mental development
Moveable for flexible learning environments
Endless open ended play
Loose Parts Ball Run in Action
Why Loose Parts Play?