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Nature Space Package

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Bring Nature into your Roll Growth Learning Spaces with this easy-to-purchase package! Made from Solid Euro Birch Plywood. List of items included in this comprehensive package is shown below.



Comprehensive learning space package, designed with nature in mind. Including tables + chairs, storage and soft furnishing. Enough equipment for 20-30 students and allows for multiple ways to learn in one learning space... Individual, collaborative or small group tasks can all be accomplished with this package.

Perfect for fitting out roll growth classrooms or refreshing your current learning space.

Need to change this around to suit your learning space? no problem, simply contact us to discuss your needs. HERE

Included in this package:

1 x 3 Bay 780H Glide and Tilt Tote Tray Storage Unit with Trays

1 x 1800 x 1200 Whiteboard top Kidney Table

3 x Waihi Tuffet Ottomans 400H

3 x Waitomo Tuffet Ottomans 400H

2 x Carrel Tables with acoustic dividers

1 x 780H 3 Bay Single Sided Book Station

1 x Acoustic Learning Tree - Half

2 x Waihi Curve Squabs for tress

1 x 6 Bay Book Nook with squab seat

3 x 1050D Bite Tables

9 x 400H Starship Chairs

1 x Whiteboard Teacher's Station with trays

1 x Kneeling Height Lego Splash Table

3 x Waihi Tushy Cushy's

3 x Waitomo Tushy Cushy's

2 x 780H Single Shelf Curve Storage Unit

1 x 780H Plant Top Storage Unit

12 x Seagrass Baskets

22 x Single Depth Tray - Clear

1 x Double Depth Tray - Clear

NZ Made




Suits 20-30 students


All made here in NZ with Euro Birch timber
Quality HPL table top finishes for extra durability
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