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Learning Space Storage Package

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Are you lacking learning space storage? Integrate beautiful storage with this easy-to-purchase package! Flexible, open-ended furniture on wheels to configure your own learning space. Use as room dividers or create a cosy break-out space within your classroom.

Manufactured in NZ from solid Euro Birch Plywood.



Sick and tired of your old colorful MDF furniture that has already seen a few generations through their learning life? Now is your chance to upgrade with a new natural birch ply furniture package bringing you calming nature-based designs which encourage the students to connect with the environment around them, enhancing learning outcomes by proven biophilic benefits.

This package has everything you need for functional storage and learning resource display. This package consists of 44 pieces of furniture items to suit years 1 – 10. 

Feel free to customise this package to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss HERE


NZ Made

This Package Includes:

1 x 780H 3 Bay Glide and Tilt Tote Tray Storage Unit 

2 x 780H 3 Bay Single Shelf Units with Tray Top

2 x 780H Single Shelf Curve Units

1 x Teacher Whiteboard Station

1 x Mobile Profile Book Station

1 x 585H Construction Centre

21 x Totex Double Depth Trays - True Clear

22 x Totex Single Depth Trays - True Clear



Suits 20-30 students


Acoustic sound absorbing leaf panels
Natural heavy duty birch plywood structure
Storage shelves and cubbies for books
Professionally assembled on-site by LSG