fbpx Outdorable Toddler Adventure Package 2-3 years
  • Toddler play set outdoor movable climbers
  • Toddler playground with slide
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  • Configurable playground create a boat with climbers
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  • Outdorable Toddler play package
  • Movable playground for toddlers
  • Outdorable Toddler play package
  • Outdorable Toddler play package with slide
  • Outdorable Toddler play package
  • Outdoor movable play set
  • Outdoor movable play set

Outdorable Toddler Adventure Package 2-3 years

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Minimum play space area recommended:
Minimum play space of 20m2 with a minimum width of 4mt. Note: all items in the package are under 600mmH

Totally configurable to suit the age and developmental stage of children from 2-4 years. 

Timber type
Natural acetylated weatherproof timber. Non-toxic FSC certified - GOLD Cradle to Cradle environmental certificate. Find out more HERE 

Stainless steel / HDPE

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Outdorable Beaverlodge Climber Range

wooden play climber

ETA 1 Jan

  • Height (mm): 600H Climber
outdoor wooden play box

ETA 1 Jan

  • Height (mm): 300H Climber

Outdorable Slide for 600mm Climber

Outdorable Slide Attachment

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Outdorable Beaverlodge Riverbank Climbing Wall

Outdoor wooden climbing wall

Outdorable Beaverlodge Ladder Plank

outdoor wooden playground plank

Outdorable Beaverlodge River Rocks Plank

outdoor wooden river rocks plank

Outdorable Beaverlodge Smooth Plank

smooth wooden plank

Outdorable Beaverlodge Wobbly Log Plank

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This toddler collection of climbers and challenge planks gives you the essentials to set up a versatile and challenging adventure for encouraging children’s physical and mental development. The 300mmH climber is suitable for 2+ years, making it a great
outdoor play structure for the infant’s area. We must promote environments for a child’s physical development through appropriate physical activity. The unlimited flexibility of the Outdorable® Beaverlodge adventure set will help in many of these areas, as they explore each new configuration. Encourages and stimulates imaginative play, and gross motor skills using upper and lower body strength, hand-eye coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. This toddler package can be used on any surface as the climbers are all under 600mmH, therefor safety playground surfacing is not necessary. 

Safety Users Guide