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Outdorable play equipment is designed specifically for use outdoors in all environments.
It is made from acetylated wood* which is a non-toxic class 1 durable timber milled from controlled FSC sustainable forests. This eco-friendly wood turns a natural grey colour as it ages. If used around sandpits, the children become living sandpaper giving the top surfaces a sanding every day. Never mind though, as outdorable timber has your back and will last the daily hardships from our lively little people.
If you wish to keep your equipment in the original look, please follow the below simple instructions on how to re-oil your play equipment. But remember, this is only for aesthetic reasons. Left to go grey your equipment will last for years to come.


This AC modified timber has been awarded multiple accreditations and eco-certifications further highlighting its unique sustainability properties.

How to Oil Outdorable Play Equipment