fbpx Bird's Nest Play Loft
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  • Birds Nest Loft LSG ECE
  • Birds Nest Loft LSG childcare
  • Birds Nest Loft LSG ECE

Bird's Nest Play Loft

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Fun and interesting details to discover. This uniquely designed structure will keep little ones amused for hours. Rope tunnel, three different climbs, pedestal areas with portholes, retreat house with porthole and window, retreat cave with spyhole and role-playing area.

Note: 2-piece mat sold separately. Wall Canopy Tree sold separately. Accessories and props not included. 


In a corner (requires fixing to wall)
Age group
From 2 and a half years
Platform heights
330mm, 550mm and 880mm
Sill height
Total height
Space requirements (including required mat - sold separately):
3361mm x 2038mm
Required ceiling height
Higher than 2136


Solid birch plywood with rounded edges and bright engaging paint
Extra high railings with visibility slits for supervisors
Three different platform ascents
Platforms with portholes and sensory surfaces
Retreat house with porthole and window
Crawl-through net
Retreat cave with keyhole
Role play area
Hygienic easy-care water based varnish surface
Self supporting structure does not require wall fastening
Precision German engineering
Conforms to German DIN EN 176/1177 safety standards
Professionally assembled on-site by LSG
Crawling net
The only way into the playhouse and a tiny test of courage.
Spy hole
From here you can see who is relaxing on the top of the platform.
Retreat cave
Cozy with natural light from the portholes above.